During our time inspecting in the Nelson/Tasman area we have come across many many things, below is a very small portion of them:

  • Properties which had been used to grow Cannabis. Pile/supports below the house had been taken out to make room for the large growing operation. The electrics had been illegally altered and so had the plumbing. This resulted in a completely unsafe and unsanitary house.
  • Properties riddled with Borer, to extent one was leaning over. We advised that the tenant be removed and the property be demolished.
  • Leaky homes, with Major weather tightness concerns (gaps we could get our fingers into, on the external cladding).
  • House’s which look fine but with just a little bit of digging (literally), find that the pile supports would not provide adequate support during a moderate earth quake.
  • Roof leaks, shower leaks, cladding leaks, window leaks (lots of leaks). Often these cannot be seen with the eye, but our robust moisture mapping service quickly reveals what in lurking out of sight. One case in question: we mentioned that a tiled shower was leaking. Visibly it appeared fine with no smell of damp. But when we opened up the wall, the framing was totally rotten. The whole shower and internal walls had to be replaced.
  • We helped uncover an insulation scam in Nelson you can read all about it here 
  • House’s which needed to be decontaminated due to cooking Methamphetamine.
  • Weatherside cladding (painted hardboard material), which had not been maintained- hence allowed water to ingress which rotted the wall framing. Making the house structurally unsafe.
  • Dux Qest piping, this nasty plumbing system can cost thousands to replace and can cause major damage when (not if) it bursts.
  • Tracing water ingress points. One property had an issue which they thought had been dealt with 10yrs earlier. However the true cause had never been found. Hence it had been leaking for a long time, causing rot. We were called and very quickly tracked the leak to its source, which was nowhere near to the area which was manifesting the issue.
  • We have helped many home owners obtain Certificate of Acceptance’s from the council and lodged lots of safe and sanitary reports for unconsented works.
  • Then the normal issues due to lack of general maintenance.

Buying a house is the single biggest asset most people have, we pride ourselves in finding the issues which will affect your asset and in turn YOUR life.